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How to Convert FLAC to WAV on Mac OS X (Sierra Included)

As we all know, FLAC is one of the best-know audio formats for lossless compression. However, the format is not supported by Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime and other devices.Maybe, you have thought about converting FLAC to WAV or other formats which have a greater compatibility than FLAC, so than you can burn your audio […]

21 Jul 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Solve VLC Won’t Play MP4 Video Files

Is it possible to play MP4 file in VLC media player? The answer is yes, but why the question below happened, and I believe that the question is not unique. “Recently, I downloaded a livestream from twitch. When finished, I tried to open it in VLC. It opened but didn’t play. By the way, I […]

20 Jul 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Rip Blu-Ray in the Right Way?

For a long time I have ripped my movies for home use and have been fighting through many different programs of swinging character and swinging prisms. Most functionally work for specific purposes or have the great advantage of being free, but no one can do all tasks as well. There are programs like Makemaker that […]

12 Jul 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Convert FLAC to WAV on Mac?

For Mac users, you might have some FLAC files ripped from CD or purchased from digital store. When you try to play the FLAC files on Mac with QuickTime player or sync the FLAC files to iPhone/iPad via iTunes, you may be disappointed to find that all those programs fail to read the FLAC files. […]

11 Jul 17 Katrina Lucy

Top 5 Free FLAC Converter for Mac

As an audio format that uses lossless compression algorithm, the FLAC audio can be reduced to 50 – 60% of its original size while offers the same quality as original audio file. However, FLAC playback support in portable audio devices and dedicated audio systems is limited compared to format such as MP3. FLAC support is […]

05 Jul 17 Katrina Lucy

Play DVD Movies on iPad Pro (2017)

In 2017, Apple refreshes the iPad Pro line by replacing the 9.7-inch model with a new 10.5-inch version, while retaining the 12.9-inch original. The upgrading in screen display and internal specifications such as a new wide color P3 display, faster CPU performance, extended battery life make the movie watching experience on the tablet more comfortable […]

27 Jun 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Copy DVD to External Hard Drive?

Why backup DVD to external hard drive? For DVD collectors, you will often come the needs to copy DVD disc to external hard drive due to the following reasons: – DVD disc can easily get damaged or scratched, ripping DVD into digital format to store on external hard drive can help you to get a […]

20 Jun 17 Katrina Lucy

Top 5 Best DVD to MP4 Converter for iPhone/iPad

Have tons of movies on DVD disc and wish to rip them into MP4 for conveniently viewing on iPhone, iPad. The reason why we choose to rip DVD to MP4 is that when compared with other digital file formats, MP4 has wide compatibility for not only iPhone, iPad but also other hot devices and programs such […]

13 Jun 17 Katrina Lucy

Stream iPhone Video from NAS to Smart TV

Have a lot of video on your iPhone and wish to move them to a NAS drive so that you can free up more space for storing videos downloaded from online streaming sites or shot with built-in camera app. In addition, you may also get the opportunity to stream the iPhone video from NAS to […]

08 Jun 17 Katrina Lucy

Best Way to Rotate iPhone Video Easiest? (iPhone 8/7/6)

We always need to use iPhone and other devices to record videos in daily life. The video may work well on shooting equipment, but you’ll often find it upsidedown or in wrong direction once you transfer it to Mac. Why? The reason is the device itself exists flipping mechanism, for instance, horizontal and vertical recording. […]

27 May 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Play “Top Alphabet and Phonics Learning DVDs” on iPad?

While limiting TV time is important, the time kids do spend in front of the TV can actually be very educational. A wide variety of shows and DVDs are available that focus on teaching kids as well as entertaining them. So you can get some Top Alphabet and Phonics Learning DVDs for Toddlers’s teaching. And you […]

15 May 17 Katrina Lucy

Pavtube ByteCopy Gives you 50% OFF Promotion on 2017 Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching soon. Great news for Blu-ray/DVD ripper software users for the upcoming Mother’s Day: Pavtube ByteCopy & Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac launch a big Mother’s Day promotion for all multimedia software users to celebrate Mother’s Day from now. You can get a Pavtube ByteCopy (for Mac) in only the half of the […]

10 May 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Get iPhone (7) videos to Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer is a wonderful video editing tool especially with the most advanced color corrector. It is one of the few applications on the planet that can take anything you throw at it. It is completely geared towards any kind of workflow, be it cinema-based, television-based or internet-based. You may recorded some videos in MOV […]

24 Apr 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Import MTS/M2TS/M2T video files to iTunes

So if you happen to have some MTS/M2TS/M2T videos and want import these MTS/M2TS/M2T files to iTunes (iTunes 12 included), and possibly sync them to your iDevices later. you are not going to get what you want. From Apple’s website, MTS/M2TS/M2T formats are not supported by iTunes. iTunes Compatible File Formats iTunes Supported Video & Audio File Video: […]

17 Apr 17 Katrina Lucy

Best 10 Prores Converter to Decode/Encode Prores on Windows and Mac

What is Prores ProRes is a lossy video compression format developed by Apple Inc. for use in post-production that supports up to 5K. It is the successor of the Apple Intermediate Codec and was introduced in 2007 with Final Cut Studio 2. Why need to convert Prores to other formats When finished editing in FCP […]

10 Apr 17 Katrina Lucy

How to Trim Movies for Taking out Extra Scenes?

Movies bring great entertainment for most people all over the world. A movie has an ability of influencing our lives whether negatively or positively. In some movies, there may be some touching scenes that you want to cut out to upload to YouTube or Vimeo to share with your friends. But to common people, they maybe don’t know how […]

10 Apr 17 Katrina Lucy

DVDSmith Movie Backup Alternatives and Similar SoftwaresDVDSmith Movie Backup Alternatives and Similar Softwares

DVDSmith Movie Backup is a totally free DVD copier and DVD backup software which can decrypt and remove all kinds of DVD protections, copy DVD to computer hard drive as DVD folder. You can flexibly copy entire DVD disc or copy main movie only. But from some forums, we found many people have issues using DVDSmith Movie Backup. […]

06 Apr 17 Katrina Lucy

Use NVIDIA CUDA Accleration to Rip 4K Blu-ray to H.265 for Xbox One S

If you have a new (and probably quite expensive) 4K HDR TV, then 4K video is amazing — it looks incredible. But to watch a 4K Blu-ray, you need a 4K Blu-ray player, which can set you back quite a few hundred dollars more than regular Blu-ray. If you do want to make that investment, though, […]

30 Mar 17 Katrina Lucy

FCP X Guides: Import SD/HD/4K Video to Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X uses QuickTime technology; almost any QuickTime-compatible file format can be imported and exported. This allows you to import files created in video editing, motion graphics, and photo editing applications. QuickTime compatible file formats include AIFF, MP3, MPEG, WAVE, JPEG, TIFF, etc. A QuickTime movie file uses a .mov file extension. And […]

30 Mar 17 Katrina Lucy

Uploading Canon EOS C700 4K ProRes to Instagram/Youtube/Vimeo 

Though some websites support 4K video uploading, uploading Canon EOS C700 4K ProRes to Instagram/Youtube/Vimeo is not that easy. After countless failure, you may wonder, why on earth can’t my Canon EOS C700 4K ProRes videos be uploaded to Canon EOS C700 4K ProRes to Instagram/Youtube/Vimeo? To begin with, you need to figure out what […]

27 Mar 17 Katrina Lucy

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper vs ByteCopy vs DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

Blu-ray is very popular in the world, for its incomparable storage space, excellent output quality in audio, video and supplements. But It can’t be read directly on the computer by common DVD players or drives, It requires a Blu-ray drive. What’s more, In order to protect Blu-ray movies from being pirated or even leaked to the public […]

20 Mar 17 Katrina Lucy

3D MKV movies to Rift CV1 on macOS Sierra/El Capitan

If you are the lucky ones who have tried these Rift CV1 on macOS Sierra/El Capitan, both in versions for the Rift CV1 to the recent macOS Sierra/El Capitan as well as 3D MKV movies to Rift CV1, sure you’ve fallen in love with the virtual reality with its endless possibilities. They open when live […]

17 Jan 17 Katrina Lucy

Best Solution for Playing MP4 on iPod (Touch)

Want to play MP4 on iPod? You’re not lucky if your MP4 files are not encoded with the only supported MPEG-4 or H.264 codecs. You can drop it to your iPod and have a trial. If no avail, you need an MP4 to iPod video converter to do the tricks. Fortunately, there are many MP4 […]

28 Dec 16 Katrina Lucy

Best Christmas Family Movies to Watch on Your iPad Pro

Christmas is upon us. And one of the best parts of Christmas is have the entire family sit down and enjoy a nice Christmas movie together with the iPad Pro’s wide screen. But which movies are the best? To help you get that special feeling, we’ve pulled together a list of the best Christmas Family […]

19 Dec 16 Katrina Lucy

Pavtube 2016 Christmas DVD/Blu-ray/Video Converter Promotion

Welcome, my best friends! Merry Christmas!! This article is about the biggest promotions of Pavtube Studio for celebrating Christmas and New Year. Here we provide you the biggest promotion up to 50% off including various products like Blu-ray/DVD/Video ultimate product, MXF MultiMixer, MKV video converter, BDMagic, DVDAid and more. Let’s start our Christmas story! Pavtube […]

16 Dec 16 Katrina Lucy

How to Play FLV video on iPhone 7 (Plus)

iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus is the newest smartphone of Apple. Did you get your fashionable iPhone 7/7 Plus? Do you expect to free share and play your FLV files on iPhone (7/7 Plus) with friends which will bring a brilliant viewing experience? Yeah, it is so easy to do so if you choose the right way, especially […]

13 Dec 16 Katrina Lucy

How to Solve can’t Play MTS/M2TS video on iPad series?

Do you expect to free share and play your MTS/M2TS files on iPad with friends which will bring a brilliant viewing experience? Yeah, it is so easy to do so if you choose the right way, especially a newest way here- “Get MTS/M2TS running on iPad in seconds”! MTS and M2TS are the file extensions […]

29 Nov 16 Katrina Lucy

Pavtube Cyber Monday Sale-Big Promotion: Up to 50% OFF DVD/Blu-ray/4K Video Converter

We love the holidays! And holiday shopping at Pavtube Studio doesn’t end when the sun sets on Black Friday! The spirit of giving is alive at Pavtube and we are excited to give our guests great deals over the holiday weekend and through Cyber Monday. 2016 Pavtube all Products Cyber Monday Crazy Promotions 1. Ultimate […]

27 Nov 16 Katrina Lucy

Save 50% on Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate for Black Friday

2016 Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate Black Friday 50% OFF promotion – Crazy!!! Black Friday is the biggest and busiest online shopping days of the Year, as expressed by Ellen Davis in a Shop.org press release. For most consumers, the ultimate goal of such holidays is shopping while getting bang for the buck. However, customers will […]

26 Nov 16 Katrina Lucy

How to solve can’t play 3GP on iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6s?

Got a load of albums in 3GP format and want to convert these 3GP to MP3 for playing them on iPhone like iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6s etc? Since 3GP format files do not work with iPhone (iPhone 7/7 Plus), so you need to convert these files to iPhone friendly format first. iPhone […]

22 Nov 16 Katrina Lucy

Convert video from Android to iPad Pro friendly video for playing

Wanna play videos from your old android on new iPad Pro? That’s easy, you only need transfer Android video to iPad Pro for playing. But, you’d better make sure the android video is playable on iPad, say, the format is compatible with the iOS device, the resolution, and video codec and more all meet the […]

15 Nov 16 Katrina Lucy

Can I convert MP4 to MP3 using iTunes on macOS Sierra

As we know, most smartphones and music players can support MP4 files, it’s far more easier to convert these mp4 files to MP3 to lighten their footprint and grant the audio greater versatility. Therefore you may want to convert your MP4 files on your computer to MP3 files. You can do this easily in iTunes. […]

02 Nov 16 Katrina Lucy

50% off Spirit Halloween Coupon from Pavtube

Movie makes life more wonderful, especially at Halloween. You can record your own Halloween films then edit these Halloween footage in Final Cut Pro/iMovie while upload your personal Halloween production to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram. The best part is that you won’t meet any trouble in this creation with the help of Pavtube Blu-ray/DVD/Video tools. Pavtube […]

26 Oct 16 Katrina Lucy

Can I Convert HD/4K Camcorder Videos AVCHD MTS M2TS to iPad Mini 5/4/3/2

It cannot be denied that the new digital era brings us a lot of benefits, one of which must be mentioned here is the digital camcorder. No matter you are on a seaside holiday with your kids, attending your dearest friend’s wedding ceremony, or travelling in a foreign country, camcorders can be always seen everywhere […]

12 Oct 16 Katrina Lucy

Can’t import iPhone 7 Videos to FCP (FCP X/7/6)? – Solved!

The iPhone like iPhone 7/7 Plus etc. is capable of capturing up to 4K and 1080p videos. You can carry around iPhone with you whereever you go, making it easy to never miss film-worthy moments. Capturing the video on the camera is just the first step. Once you have filmed everything, you will probably want […]

08 Oct 16 Katrina Lucy

How to Edit iPhone 7 (4k) Video in Adobe Premiere Pro

iPhone 7 video to Adobe Premiere Pro issues Q1: Having trouble with iphone 7 videos with premiere pro CC I can’t take my iPhone 7 videos (.mp4) and load them into the timeline. Any suggestions why this is happening? Q2: iPhone 7 Video – Serious Sync Issues Eliminate Premiere as a tool I was excited […]

28 Sep 16 Katrina Lucy

How to Play AVI/MKV movies on new iPhone 7?

At present, MKV and AVI are popular for its high definition video quality. Therefore, it is easy to get various sorts of MKV/AVI files online for free. Many people prefer to download movies in MKV/AVI files as well. But these people have found that the MKV and AVI files cannot be recognized by fashionable iPhone […]

21 Sep 16 Katrina Lucy

To Free Add MKV Files to iTunes on Windows/Mac

iTunes only supports MP4 and QuickTime format video files, so many of the videos you come across on the web can’t be added directly to iTunes or transferred to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. Which format should you convert to supported by iTunes? You should ideally convert videos to the H.264 MP4 video format, which […]

20 Sep 16 Katrina Lucy

Sync VOB to iTunes Library on Mac or Windows

If you are a DVD collector, I guess you must be familiar with VOB files, which are typically stored in VIDEO_TS folder at the root of a DVD. VOB is used to store all MPEG-2 audio and video data, which contains not only the video itself but also the menus, buttons and a variety of […]

08 Sep 16 Katrina Lucy

FLAC to iTunes: Make iTunes Friendly to FLAC lossless Files

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which means audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. Though FLAC is free, open-source format and can be played on many players such as car or home stereo, it is yet to be supported by Apple Mac computer and Apple portable devices. If you buy […]

31 Aug 16 Katrina Lucy

Handbrake for MacOS Sierra Alternative to Rip DVD & Convert Video

In 2016, macOS is “macOS Sierra,” named for the Sierra Nevada mountains that span from central California to Nevada. Apple usually releases beta updates concurrently but for this release they have been staggered. Anyone can choose to download and install macOS Sierra public beta but given the nature of beta system software, it is generally only recommended […]

25 Aug 16 Katrina Lucy

Effortlessly Rip DVD to iPad Mini 5 with Highest Quality

We are getting closer to the Apple event in September. We expect the iPad mini 5 to be released alongside the iPhone 7 (or 6SE) on 16 September, with it being announced on 9 September. Still desperate to experience watching DVD movies on your new iPad Mini 5? It’s no doubt that iPad mini 5 […]

18 Aug 16 Katrina Lucy

Best method to Copy movies from DVD to iTunes

iTunes is used to manage the digital music and video files on Apple’s devices. Collected some DVD discs and wanna add your DVD movies to iTunes library for playing on devices that support iTunes support iTunes such as iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, […]

11 Aug 16 Katrina Lucy

Enolsoft DVD Ripper for Mac and Top Alternative

If you collect tons of DVD discs at home, there is no enough space in your shelf, it’s better to backup DVD to a NAS with huge storage; don’t want your loved DVD discs to be scratched by naughty children and destroyed by times of playing in disc players, it’s necessary for you to purchase […]

04 Aug 16 Katrina Lucy

Blu-ray Copier for Mac Reviewed – Why Choose it?

Demands of need a Blu-Ray Copying Software for Mac: As a Blu-ray Movie, even if you use some backup software to copy the Blu-ray content out successfully, not all the players (QuickTime, VLC Media Player) support the Blu-ray files playback. Not to mention the new electronic devices (iPad Air 3, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Pro […]

02 Aug 16 Katrina Lucy

Put Blu-ray onto Hard drive for iPad Mini Playback

Can we play Blu-ray on iPad Mini directly? The answer is absolutely negative. Because iPad Mini has no Blu-ray drive, nor player to support Blu-ray video, even so, it doesn’t possess enough room to save huge Blu-ray video size. Prospectively, however, we can make it possible to watch Blu-ray video on iPad Mini with the […]

28 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

Transfer Blu-ray to LaCie Fuel 2TB for iPhones/iPads

With 2TB of wireless storage, the LaCie Fuel drive lets you store more than a thousand movies or thousands of photos, songs, and documents, and access them on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. The LaCie Fuel’s 10-hour battery life lets you experience that content all day, with no need for Internet or cables. Simply install […]

21 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

How to Set up ExpressVPN on Apple TV with Airplay?

The Apple TV is a streaming media player, which means it takes content from the Internet and displays it on your TV. Apple TV lets you stream all the video content in the iTunes Store to your HDTV, with purchases stored in the cloud. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube and dozens of other online services are […]

19 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

View Blu-ray on Apple TV 4 from NAS with 7.1 channels

Generally, a recent Blu-ray disc usually comes with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-MA audio tracks to deliver higher quality audio with 7.1 channels. Actually, when you try to make a backup of Blu-ray disc onto NAS, stream them to Apple TV 4 through your internet connection, and if you wish, connect your TV as an external […]

14 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

View YouTube Videos to 2016 new iPad Pro/12.9-inch iPad Pro

Google pushed a long-awaited update to its YouTube app, which adds support for the iPad Pro. As you might imagine, the additional resolution makes the app look much more at home on Apple’s super-sized tablet than before. With a number of cool videos on the website, YouTube boasts millions of clicks every day. Do you […]

12 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

View Blu-ray ISO Files on MacBook Pro/Air/iMac 4K/5K

Situation A: If you have some Blu-ray ISO files stored on your HDD, SD card, or any external storage, you can watch them on your MacBook Pro anytime you like. You will get nothing but fail miserably when you intend rip Blu-ray ISO files on Mac OS X El Capitan. What you need additionally is […]

07 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

Pavtube Upgraded to support Blu-ray MKB61

Hot news for Blu-ray collectors!! Are you still upset that you can’t rip your new bought Spectre 007,The Martian,The Revenant cause these new Blu-rays now have been encrypted with more complex encryption mechanism MKB61? Now, you are saved by Pavtube in that Pavtube Studio has upgraded his main 3 Blu-ray ripping tools to version to support the new […]

07 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

How to Watch 3D Movies on Mac (Macbook Pro.Air.iMac)

3D is back and in a big way. But with a little effort you can at least have a taste of the 3D experience without shelling out for a lot for expensive new equipment. Now, movies buffs don’t have to go to theater to enjoy 3D movies, you can watch 3D movies on Mac computers […]

05 Jul 16 Katrina Lucy

Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus Advantages and Disadvantages Review

The latest iPhone models, the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and SE, are better than their predecessors in essentially every way—considerably so in many areas. After using them extensively, we think the iPhone is still the best smartphone for most people. It’s easy to use right out of the box, Apple makes it relatively painless to […]

30 Jun 16 Katrina Lucy

Play Blu-ray and ISO Files on Macbook Pro With Mac 10.11

Blu-ray Disc is a good format for video enthusiasts looking for picture and sound quality, and there’s no shortage of devices that work with the format straight out of the box. Need to play Blu-ray discs on your MacBook Pro? Get no proper Mac Blu-ray player software to play Blu-ray movies on Mac OS X […]

28 Jun 16 Katrina Lucy

Best HD Video Converter for iPad series

iPad is an iOS-based line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010; the most recent iPad models are the 9.7-inch iPad Pro released on March 31, 2016 and the iPad Mini 4, released on September 9, 2015. The user interface is built around the […]

17 May 16 Katrina Lucy

iSquint Alternative for Windows/Mac-Convert Video to iPhone, iPad, iPod

iSquint is an iPod video conversion app for Mac OS X. It’s many times faster than QuickTime Pro, works with almost all popular video formats, and it’s infinitely free-er. It’s also really easy. Just drag in your file, and click Start. You can also choose “iPod” , “TV” size, set your quality, or even go […]

10 May 16 Katrina Lucy

Top Free VR Video Players for iPhone

Google Cardboard, Samsung Galaxy Gear VR & the latest one – Oculus Rift have ramped up the VR Virtual Reality Segment, and iPhone iOS users are VR ready devices. The normal Video player present in iPhone do not support VR Videos such as 3D SBS or 360 degree videos. So, here are the Top 3 […]

04 May 16 Katrina Lucy

Is it possible to watch 3D films on Google Cardboard via iPhone

How does Google Cardboard work with iPhone? In a matter of weeks, both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets will be released to the public, finally delivering on the long-envisioned promise of immersive virtual reality experiences. However, both require a seriously beefed-up PC—not a Mac, either—along with a significant investment, with the Rift priced […]

28 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

Best 3D Movie Converter for VR One through iPhone 6s/6

Virtual reality is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment in a way that allows the user to interact with it. Virtual realities artificially create sensory experience, which can include sight, touch, hearing, and smell. There are some popular 3D VR Headsets like VR […]

26 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

Watch Netflix on Chromecast from an iPad

Now that you have purchased and received a Google Chromecast, it’s time to start using it. It is compatible with Netflix, YouTube and Google Play apps, plus you can mirror content from your Chrome browser tabs to it. So if you are having trouble figuring out how to watch content from the Netflix app on […]

19 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

Backup DVD to MacBook Pro for watching on planes/trains/hotels

Have you got your first media tablet? Do you want to add released DVD movies or hot videos on tablet PCs like MacBook Pro for watching on planes/trains/hotels effortlessly? To watch movies on tablet is really a good choice for us to spend the free time. But how do we watch DVD movies on MacBook […]

14 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

Play DVD on iPad Pro perfectly

Apple unveiled a new mid-size iPad at its ‘Let us loop you in’ March press event, as was widely expected, but what we didn’t expect was for this to be an iPad Pro. Rather than calling this the iPad Air 3, which it logically and visually appears to be, Apple is presenting it as a […]

12 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

How to insert a QuickTime MOV movie into PowerPoint?

I want to add a QuickTime movie (.mov) to my presentationAn Apple QuickTime movie (.mov) file cannot be inserted into a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation. To play a QuickTime movie during your presentation, do one of the following:Create a hyperlink to the QuickTime movie. During your presentation, click the linked object or text, and […]

07 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

Watch Blu-ray on iPhone SE

After Apple finally unveiled iPhone SE. This is a revolutionary design for Apple regarding the earlier generations of iPhone, finally, the screen is larger and visual experience is more pleasant. Blu-ray lovers may wonder that if they can play Blu-ray on iPhone SE or not, here below we just give you a satisfying answer.Play Blu-ray […]

05 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

Play SD/HD/4K movies on iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone. It looks similar to an iPhone 5s, but has iPhone 6s internal specs, including an A9 processor, 12-megapixel camera, and support for Apple Pay. Yes, the iPhone SE is a smaller phone, but it’s not a weak phone. It’s actually a much-improved, well-designed, small phone with great […]

02 Apr 16 Katrina Lucy

Get Only $36.76 Easter Blu-ray/DVD/Video Converter at iFastime Facebook

Easter is here, and stores are celebrating. According to the National Retail Federation’s annual Easter Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, spending for the holiday is expected to reach $17.3 billion. Those celebrating plan to spend an average of $146 per person, according to the survey. But this time, are you looking for […]

28 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

Can I play ISO files on Apple TV (4/3/2) using Plex?

The Apple TV lets you stream all the video content in the iTunes Store to your HDTV, with purchases stored in the cloud. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube and dozens of other online services are available, plus music, videos, and photos can be streamed from iOS devices using AirPlay, which are all Apple TV advantages obviously. […]

24 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

Fix YouTube issues on iPhone SE

YouTube is a website that allows you to share any videos online. Everyone can share any video content such as movie clips, music videos, informational and educational videos and everything under the sun. Some international stars such as Justin Bieber were actually discovered because of their posted videos in YouTube. As for that, many people […]

22 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

Solve YouTube videos Not Working on Apple TV (4)?

When the time comes to view that hot new YouTube video everyone’s talking about, which would you rather do: gather around a laptop, tablet, or, horrors, smartphone, or kick back and enjoy it on your big-screen TV? Thought so. Although YouTube was built for Web browsers, it can easily find a home in your living […]

18 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

Best Free MKV Player for iPad Pro

MKV is a container format developed by Matroska. It is becoming more and more popular since it can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks in one file. However, sometimes MKV can’t be accepted by most player, mobile devices, iPad Pro included. So how can you play 1080p or 720p MKV […]

10 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

Can iPad Pro Handle 4K UHD Video

The new 9.7 inch iPad Pro will be made official at an Apple press event later this month along with Apple’s new smaller iPhone SE smartphone. The new iPad Pro is expected to replace Apple’s iPad Air and the device is expected to get many of the features of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The […]

08 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

Solution about Playing Movies on iPad Air 3

Having not announced a new iPad Air alongside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in September, instead opting to release the iPad Pro, it is now thought the iPad Air 3 will debut in 2016. The iPad Air 3 may not be called by that name when launched this March, as it looks likely that it will […]

03 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

iPhone 5se VS iPhone 5s VS iPhone 5C

Apple is rumoured to have an event scheduled for March, where it is thought the company will unveil the iPhone 5SE, previously known as the iPhone 6C. Both 15 March and 21 March have been rumoured but it is thought the latter is the more likely. The iPhone 5SE is expected to launch as the […]

01 Mar 16 Katrina Lucy

Can’t Play SD/HD/4K AVI on Apple TV (4/3/2/1)? Solved.

Want to play AVI on Apple TV (Apple TV 4/3/2/1) but have some problems? Well, Apple TV undoubtedly provides a great experience in enjoying videos, movies, TV shows and music in your living room on your television. However, when you want to play some AVI videos on your HDTV through Apple TV, you’ll find it’s […]

25 Feb 16 Katrina Lucy

How do I watch 4K MP4 with Apple TV 4?

4K is an up-and-coming video resolution that promise superb image quality. Do you want to enjoy 4K .mp4 movie recorded with your 4K camcorder or downloaded from websites on your Apple TV 4? Apple TV 4 has been redesigned to be small in size but big on entertainment and help you easily stream photos and […]

23 Feb 16 Katrina Lucy

Apple iPad Air 3 vs iPad Air 2: Which One do You Prefer?

Rumors have been surfacing that although Apple is planning to launch iPad Air 3, an update to the iPad Air 2 in March this year. We have put the rumoured specs of the iPad Air 3 against the iPad Air 2 to see what the differences could be and what changes we might see. (See […]

19 Feb 16 Katrina Lucy

iPhone 7 Video Converter: Convert Downloaded Videos to iPhone 7

While people are still crazy about the new rose gold iPhone 6S, rumors about iPhone 7, the next-generation iPhone, are beginning to circulate online. And, the surprising news is that iPhone 7 may boasts a naked eye 3D screen driving us to enjoy 3D movies on iPhone without glasses. This news will make many movie […]

16 Feb 16 Katrina Lucy

iPhone 7 vs HTC One M10: Which is Your cup of tea?

Apple iPhone 7 vs HTC One M10 Comparison The smartphones battle will never end. The new iOS based iPhone 7 is scheduled to be designed as one of the best Apple products in 2016, and people have been talking left and right about new features the giant will bring us. And another similar smartphone choice […]

25 Jan 16 Katrina Lucy

Things You Must Know for iPhone Hard Reset

Despite it sounding scary, there will be times when you’ll need to reset your iPhone. This guide will demystify the whole iPhone hard reset process, and the checklist you must know before we proceed. It’s important to know that what you should do first and what is the differences between iPhone hard reset and iPhone […]

21 Jan 16 Katrina Lucy

Photo Stream Gone on iPhone 6S Plus- How to get Photos back?

Getting a new iPhone 6S Plus is such an exciting thing, but a common but key problem confusing you maybe how to get your Photo Stream back from iPhone 6S Plus. Situations like users deleted some of the photos or the complete Photo Stream album accidentally, iPhone was stolen or broken, or users couldn’t find […]

30 Dec 15 Katrina Lucy

9.2.1 iOS beta vs iOS 9.2: Performance comparison on iPhone 4S/5/5S

Few weeks ago, Apple released an update iOS 9.2.1 beta and made it available for everyone to test the new release of the mobile operating system. This recently launched update comes with some tiny but welcome performance improvements for older iPhone models. You can see those improvements in action on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, and […]

28 Dec 15 Katrina Lucy

Free Download Christmas Wallpapers to Make iPhone 6S/6 More Christmas

The Christmas holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year. It is the best time to take Christmas Activities, send Merry Christmas Messages, make Christmas Ringtones, watch Christmas movies, purchase 2015 Christmas Gifts, etc. What about give yourself a little bit of seasonal cheer by decorating your iPhone with Christmas themed iPhone […]

22 Dec 15 Katrina Lucy

Import Christmas YouTube videos to iTunes for playing on iPhone/iPad

YouTube is a popular video-hosting site where users can watch and upload user-generated videos to share with friends. There are lots of interesting Christmas videos on YouTube. A lot of Mac users want to import these downloaded Christmas YouTube videos to iTunes and enjoy them on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV offline. Since, iTunes is […]

07 Dec 15 Katrina Lucy

Copy DVD movies to iMac for VLC/iPad playback with ease

If you’ve collected a pile of DVD discs, you may get stuck in playing DVDs on iMac since running the DVD-ROM can often damage your iMac and finding the DVD you want to play on iMac suddenly from a swath of DVD discs drives you crazy. In addition to simply playing your DVD movies on […]

30 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Can all my MP4 File be Played on VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player is a lightweight media utility that won’t use a lot of your computer’s available system resources while playing video files. It’s a common situation that when dragging your MP4 video files to VLC for playback, you’ll be informed your mp4 is not in a format that VLC player understands. VLC supports MP4 […]

20 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Best Way to Import Torrent YIFY to iTunes library

Downloaded some YIFY movies from Torrent site, but these YIFY file won’t play in iTunes? iTunes is very picky about what kind of formats can be imported into it, and only a few of media formats are supported by iTunes. Here I make a list of: a. H.264 video, up to 30 frames per second, High 1080p, Profile […]

18 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Stream and Play Blu-ray through Plex Media Sever on iPad

Plex is designed to organize all of your personal media which bridges the gap between your computer and your home theater. It allows us to store all Movies, Videos, TV shows, Songs and Photos on a central server and play them anywhere you want. Have a large Blu-ray collection and need to stream Blu-ray contents […]

16 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

How to Batch Convert WAV to iTunes Formats for playback

Still don’t know how to import or add WAV to iTunes so as to open and play WAV in iPad, iPhone, iPod via iTunes? Still trying to batch convert WAV to iTunes more compatible audio formats like WAV to MP3, WAV to WAV, M4A, AIFF, AAC, etc? If this is the case, follow the detailed […]

13 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

MKV to iTunes: Import MKV files to iTunes (iTunes 12)

An MKV file is a relatively new video format that now enjoys increasing popularity on the Internet. As a movie lover that holds a collection of awesome MKV files, it’s very likely that you want to import MKV files to iTunes for easy syncing with other iDevices via Mac OS X El Capitan. iTunes is […]

09 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Solve Handbrake Fail to Scan Files Error on Mac

Handbrake is a famous, open-source, cross-platform DVD ripper and video converter which is used in both Mac and Windows. If you are Handbrake user, sometimes you will have Handbrake cannot scan video files on Mac or Handbrake scanning DVD title failed error on mac. How to Solve Handbrake Fails to Scan Files on Mac? You […]

06 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Play Blu-ray thru Apple TV 4/3/2/1 with AC3 Surround Sound

Apple TV is said to be a magic to make you more accessible to all the media content on your HDTV via its powerful AirPlay streaming feature. You could watch movies videos and listen to music all around the house via Wi-Fi or home network connection. Let’s say you’ve purchased a movie on Blu-ray, and […]

04 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Play Flash Videos on iPad Pro with 12.9-inch Retina Display

In recent years, Apple has dominated the digital product market with iPad series. The giant announced a new 12.9-inch megapad, iPad Pro, giving itself oomph in the Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro war. Yeah, iPad Pro’s 12-inch Retina Display is so cool for those who wanna playing movies on iPad Pro. But…things are not […]

02 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Halloween Discount- A Perfect iTunes Companion for Mac

Want to move your playlists to a new computer? Lost all the music on your computer because of a system reinstall, computer repair, iTunes crash, or unknown reasons? Not a problem anymore. Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) lets you easily transfer music, video, playlists, photos, contacts, and more from your iPod, iPhone and iPad back to iTunes […]

02 Nov 15 Katrina Lucy

Copy Halloween DVD to iPad/iPhone/iPod for playback

Halloween 2015 is approaching. Is it a creative idea to prepare several favorite Halloween movies like The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Monster House, Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, etc. and watch them with your family members and friends. After the Halloween films come out on DVD, watching Hallowen DVD movies on iPad/iPhone/iPod is more […]

28 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

Play YIFY videos on iPhone 6S (Plus) without Codec Pack

The annual Halloween is coming. Are you ready for it? Maybe you have planned to download YIFY Torrent Halloween movies like Tales of Halloween, The Curse of Michael Myers,  Halloween Returns, etc. on your new iPhone 6S (Plus) for movie enjoyment on the move. However, there is a problem regarding the video format compatibility. When some […]

26 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

3 Solutions to Play MKV on Mac OS X El Capitan

An MKV file is a free, open source container format which can hold different types and unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks in one file. An MKV is not associated with a single player like QuickTime. That’s the reason why people usually plays MKV on Mac OS X (El Capitan) with issues […]

23 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

Watch Movies on iPad Mini 4 Offline via Mac OS X 10.11

The 2015 iPad Mini 4 is one of Apple’s best tablet displays yet in real-world viewing condition. Absolutely imagine how incredible it is to watch movies on iPad Mini 4. To download movies to iPad Mini 4 you can use free apps like Xfinity Play and Crackle or charged apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Watch […]

16 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

Two Solutions for Playing MP4 in QuickTime Player on El Capitan

Overview: Are you having trouble in adding MP4 (MPEG) to QuickTime on Mac OS X El Capitan? MP4, as a container format, differs in video codec. If your MP4 files are rejected by QuickTime, it’s most likely the codecs in MP4 files are unaccepted by QuickTime. To open MP4 in QuickTime Player on Mac OS […]

14 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

Easy Way to Import Video_ts to iTunes on Mac (OS X El Capitan)

As iOS 9 launches around the world, Apple has also released the latest version of iTunes, 12.3. This update adds compatibility with both iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. And as Mac OS X El Capitan users, we used to use iTunes to manage our media files including video and audio files. So how […]

12 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

Play Blu-ray movies on iPad Pro from Mac/PC

Blu-ray won’t play on your iPad Pro? Here shows the best way to play and watch Blu-ray movies on iPad Pro through Blu-ray ripping from Mac and PC. iPad has always offered a uniquely simple yet immersive experience. And now iPad Pro comes with large and HD screen display(12.9-inch Retina display in 2732-by-2048 resolution) which […]

09 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

Set up new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus the right way

With the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus making their way into the world, many are planning to switch for Android powered smartphone to iPhone 6S (Plus) or old iPhone to the latest one. Now it would be a good time to learn how to set up and activate this shiny new stuff before upgrading […]

05 Oct 15 Katrina Lucy

Play RWC 2015 Videos on iPhone 6S(Plus)/6(Plus) at Free Will

Let me guess? You are a Rugby football fan and we can’t help using our camcorder to capture the heart-stirring world cup moments when sitting in the stands, these precious moments deserve not only temporary attention and cheer, but decades and even longer. What I’m getting at is that you can convert these RWC 2015 […]

30 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Top 5 Best iPhone (6S/6S Plus) Data Recovery Software 2015

When do we need an iPhone Data Recovery program? There are so many unexpected reasons will causing data losing, such as iPhone stolen, damaged or got lost, accidental deletion, factory reset, virus attack, jailbreak or even error operations. Data loss is a distressing and serious thing, especially when the lost or deleted data mean a […]

29 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

3 Easy methods to Backup Blu-ray on El Capitan

Apple Inc. is going to release the Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11, the 12th edition release of Apple’s OS X for Macintosh computers. With some major under the hood enhancements, we will have an improved battery life and performance along with the added features in few native apps. Is there a tool that keeps […]

28 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Comparison of TV Streamers: Apple TV 4 vs Chromecast vs Roku 3 vs Fire TV

While previous versions of Apple’s TV box were not particularly smart compared to its iOS devices, the new Apple TV looks like the product many people have been waiting for. Apple, Google, Amazon and Roku currently dominate the market. So how does the new Apple TV- Apple TV 4 compares with all of the other […]

25 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

How to Play AVI on iPhone 6S Plus Without Any Trouble

One of the best, but overlooked, features of the iPhone 6S Plus is its widescreen video capability. Want to play AVI movie on iPhone 6S Plus? No idea? Well, in this article, I will quickly walk you through how to convert AVI to iPhone 6S Plus playable video with the highest quality. In fact, iPhone […]

23 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

How to listen to FLAC audio on iPod Touch 6

The new iPod touch- iPod Touch 6 that Apple launched is a significant update over its predecessor. It is the best media player there is if you don’t want a cellular connection. If you buy or download music in FLAC files, you may want to play them in iPod Touch 6. How to realize? This […]

21 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Watching DVD on the new Apple TV with AC3 5.1 sound

There’s a new Apple TV coming in October which is an improvement in virtually every area. How do you use the new Apple TV (Apple TV 4)? Ever though of streaming your DVD collections to Apple TV 4 for playing on your wide screen TV smoothly but without any splits? This article will present you […]

18 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

How to Watch Netflix movies on the New Apple TV

Netflix is an on-demand internet streaming media which offers flat-fee subscription plans for video on demand and DVD and Blu-ray disc rentals. Normally, to access to the hot Netflix movies and TV shows on Netflix, you have to be the subscriber of Netflix. And you may even prefer the great experience to watch Netflix movies […]

16 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

The Easiest Way to Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone 6/6 Plus

With the release of iPhone 6S (Plus), iPhone 6/6 Plus gets cheaper. If you want to upgrade our old iPhone 5/5S to iPhone 6/6 Plus, it is just the time to go and do it. Reluctant to give up the valuable data on your old iPhone? Don’t worry. You can transfer all the data on […]

15 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Best Converter for iPhone 6S Plus: Convert MKV AVI MTS FLV to iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus is finally pegged on September 9, and it displays are the same sizes as those of the iPhone 6, coming in 4.7-inch 750p and 5.5-inch 1080p (Plus) sizes. For sure, it is great to watch movies on iPhone 6S Plus. Since iPhone 6S Plus is still an Apple device, which means that it […]

14 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Transfer TiVo recordings to iPhone 6S for watching

Apple claims its new iPhone 6s is the most advanced smartphone in the world with 12Mp camera, A9 chip and 3D Touch. The Retina HD display with 4.7in (1334×750, 326ppi) 1400:1 contrast ratio, 500 cd/m2 brightness, no doubt adds more fun to your digital entertainment. By any means, it is a great portable video player. […]

12 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Watching MKV movies on the new Apple TV

After months and arguably years of rumors, Apple finally unveiled its new Apple TV this past week, debuting the new device alongside refreshed iPhones and a brand new iPad Pro. So far, the latest version of Apple TV- the fourth generation, supports H.264 video in up to 1080p, 60 frames per second. The device also […]

11 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Tutorial: Rip 3D Blu-ray to view on Google Cardboard

Forget Oculus Rift! Google Cardboard is a really cool, yet cheap, VR solution. Along with Google Cardboard 2 Google announced that its SDK was now available to iOS developers, and that the button inside the new headset works with any phone including iPhone 6 Plus. It is an awesome way to use Cardboard for watching […]

09 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

Supported Audio/Video Formats for iPhone 6S (Plus)

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are soon to be old news–reports are now flying in about Apple’s next-generation iPhones: iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, to be announced next Wednesday, is a screen based on the Force Touch technology from the latest MacBook trackpads and the Apple Watch. What do you want to […]

07 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

iFastime upgrade with H.265 MKV/Prores/TV output

Good News! iFastime has recently made great upgrades to version with supporting Blu-ray/DVD/Video to H.265 MKV/Prores/TV encoding. Version number: What’s new in this upgrade? 1. Add Apple Prores as output on Windows. 2. Support encoding to H.265 MKV. 3. Compatible with Sony/LG/Samsung/Panasonic TVs. All upgraded products are listed below: iFastime Video Converter Ultimate/Video […]

02 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

How to watch MKV videos and movies on iPhone 6S

Apple will unveil the next iPhone on September 9, 2015. Some reports have tagged September 18 as a possibility for the date that the iPhone 6S will be available for purchase. Apple isn’t expected to change the size of the iPhone 6S display but it’s rumored to have a few other changes up its sleeve […]

02 Sep 15 Katrina Lucy

How to transcode and view ISO files on iPhone 6S?

The iPhone 6S is nearly here and it’s expected that the iPhone 6S will have the same size and resolution of display as the current models. That would make the iPhone 6S a 4.7-inch device with a 1334 x 750 pixel resolution Retina HD display. The iPhone 6S Plus should come with a 5.5-inch 1920 […]

31 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

Effective way to get a Blu-ray to iTunes on Mac

You might have paid a good amount of money for your Blu-ray collections and they can get be quite bulky. Now, you may be wondering how you can get those movies from Blu-ray to iTunes to sync with your iOS device, like an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV. However, what should be mentioned is iTunes only […]

27 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

Put Movies from Computer to iPhone Quickly

It’s easy to copy films and TV shows to your iPhone to watch on the road or keep yourself entertained at home. If you have saved many amazing videos on your computer and want to transfer some of them to your iPhone (7, 6S, 6C, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, etc.) to view anytime you […]

26 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

Different Ways to Copy films and TV show to iPad

iPad is a great device for watching movies. The following paragraphs are all about how to copy movies to iPad in different ways, no matter supported video or unsupported videos in AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, AVCHD, MPG, etc.. Now just get some popcorn and discover the transferring process!  (Also learn ways to put Movies from Computer to […]

25 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

Transfer WMV to iTunes library Quickly and Easily

If you have got a typical Windows media video format, WMV, you are able to play it with Windows Media Player or Windows Media Center. While iTunes, doesn’t recognize WMV files by default. So you may always fail whenever trying to transfer WMV to iTunes, let alone make it playable in an iOS device. Read […]

24 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

Effective Way to add H.265 video files to iTunes

We can easily find there are many guys are eager to know if iTunes can support H.265 codec as many of them wanna add H.265 video files in iTunes (12.2) so that they can play H.265 videos on devices that supports iTunes such as iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch without ever needing to add H.265 […]

21 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

Sync FLV to iTunes on Mac for iDevices Playback

If you find some wonderful FLV videos from YouTube or other video-sharing sites, you may want to save them on your Mac or iDevices for playing anytime. However, when attempting to importing to import FLV files to iTunes (iTunes 12.1), and possibly sync them to your iPad/iPhone/iPod later, you are not going to get what […]

20 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

How Do You Import AVI to iTunes for iPad iPhone?

AVI, which stands for Audio Video Interleave, is a Container format used by Microsoft’s Video for Windows multimedia framework. It is widely used by consumers and even supported by some standalone DVD players. However, you will certainly stumble if you try to import AVI files to iTunes for easy syncing with other iDevices. iTunes is […]

19 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

The way for syncing videos, photos, music to iTunes

iTunes is great for managing the contents on Apple’s popular iPod and other digital media players such as the iPhone and iPad, and you can add videos to iTunes by purchasing them from the iTunes Store or by downloading them from the Internet. But still many users racking brains about how to add local media contents to […]

18 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

What video/audio formats can iTunes import or play?

iTunes is a free app that runs on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV with which we can organize and play digital music and videos on your computer easily. However, there are some shortcomings, too. For example, if you want to add movies or videos to your iTunes library, you must be sure […]

17 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy

How to Add and Play MP4 in iTunes (12)

iTunes won’t import MP4, no mater by dragging and dropping or by selecting Add File to Libray… from iTunes menu. What is the reason? To maximize the accessibility to your MP4 video files and experience a smooth MP4 entertainment on iTunes, you can make a switch to MP4 to iTunes conversion to fulfill your needs. […]

12 Aug 15 Katrina Lucy